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I'm In...But...

…I Still Worry A Lot

Psalm 121

Do you have a worry list? What if God wanted to step into that list not so we are cushioned but rather so we are kept? Psalm 121 talks about the God who is "the help" and is always watching.

I'm In...But...

…I Am Ashamed

Guilt and shame are not the same. Our guilt can be dealt with and forgiven but we may still wrestle with shame. Dealing with both of these rests in the grace only available through the cross of Christ. Join us as we invite a touch from Jesus..

I'm In...But...

Galatians 3:26-4:9

Lessening the gap between what we say we believe about God and what we actually do. Might that begin by living out of who we are in Christ? Adopted chosen children with all the riches provided in Christ. What a wonderful today and glorious future.