For the past 18+ years we have given away FREE parking passes for the lot around our church. We believe this is a great opportunity to connect with and bless the students in our community. Over the years we have tried many different methods around the First Come First Serve theme. There are a number of reasons why we are moving away from the First Come First Serve method for obtaining a parking pass at University Drive Alliance Church. Here are the most important ones:

Demand & Security - We respect your time. Over the years we have seen an increased demand for parking passes. With this, came an increase in wait times and security demands on our volunteers and facilities with people camping overnight to wait in line. In order to respect everyone’s time and effort, we have decided to remove the wait times.

Efficiency & Order - We value you. We know you are busy people and the first week back to school can be hectic. Knowing if you have a pass or not before classes start can ease some of that tension. Moving the event to an earlier date, having people sign up on-line and using a random drawing method to secure a list of names will help reduce this tension. Then, you are free to attend out BBQ event, enjoy a FREE meal and pick up your FREE pass.


  1. Enter online BEFORE August 29 at noon

  2. Check your email after the draw date for further instructions

  3. If your name is drawn for a pass, you must be present at the BBQ on Tuesday,

    September 3 at 5:00PM with matching ID to claim your FREE pass


You can only enter once. Any duplicate entries will be disqualified. The only way to enter is to complete the online entry.